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The musical trail

The sound of music- composers & vocalists whose works reverberate in our repertoire

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Ajay Singh 

Ajay kumar Singh learned to play the tabla and pakhawaj from Pundit Ramprakash Mishra and Pundit Shamta Prashad Mishra. He has been a successful tabla artist for over 3 decades. Some noteworthy associations in his professional journey have been his long standing work with Kathak legends Dr. Maya Rao, Pundit Birju Maharaj, Pundit Rajendra Gangani and Purnima Pandey.

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Shreya Singh

Shreya Singh received her training in Hindustani vocal under Dr Prabhakar Kashyap and Smt Kiran Mayi. She has also learned kathak from and Smt Bharthi Vitthal and Smt Arpita Bannerjee. Shreya is a popular and much sought after classical and folk singer and has received many awards for her musical talents. She has also performed with famous Bollywood singer late Krishna Kumar Kunnath.

Together, this enthusiastic and talented father-daughter team run their own recording studio called Trim Drutyam in Bangalore. They have composed many of Devaniya’s repertoire and continue to do so.


Divakar Subramaniam 

founder, School of Indian Film Music

Divakar is a music composer, percussionist and ethnomusicologist with a staggering  range of projects that include music for feature films, documentaries, radio and television commercials, theatre arts as well as contemporary and classical dance productions to credit. He is well known for his recent work in the national award winning feature film “Rocketry - the Nambi effect” which also premiered at the Cannes film festival in 2022.

Divakar holds a post graduate and philosophy degrees in music from the University of Glamorgan. He is also attached to the Skillset Screen Academy, Wales, member of the British Forum for Ethnomusicology and the Association of British Scholar in India.

He has performed concerts across India, United States of America, Switzerland, Turkey and the United Kingdom. He is one of the very few privileged Indians to have performed at the United Nations, New York.


Monali Bala

Monali, a multi-faceted musician, singer, lyricist, composer, teacher, and performer, embarked on her musical journey at the age of 8, studying vocal music and dance. While pursuing her bachelor's in Electrical & Electronics Engineering, she continued her musical pursuits and earned recognition, winning the prestigious Kerala University Youth Festival award for music. After a successful corporate career, Monali wholeheartedly embraced her passion for music, dedicating her life to its harmonious rhythms.

Her musical prowess spans various genres, as she holds proficiency in Carnatic classical, Hindustani classical, Rabindra Sangeet, and Sufi Music, while being deeply passionate about Folk and Sufi music. Her linguistic finesse allows her to sing fluently in multiple languages, such as Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Sanskrit, Urdu, Odia, Assamese, Marathi, Gujarati, and Punjabi, delivering each with impeccable diction.

Owing to her training in the traditional martial art of Kalaripayattu and in Indian classical dance forms like Odissi, Bharatanatyam, and Mohiniattam, as well as multiple Western dance styles, Monali's creative flair extends to composing music, both for musical pieces and dance ensembles.

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Vedanth Bharadwaj

Vedanth Bharadwaj is a multi-genre musician who speciaises in singing songs of mystic poets from the Bhakti, Sufi and Folk traditions. He is a disciple of maestro Ramamoorthy Rao. Vedanth composes music for film, dance, theatre, ads and records several instruments as a sessions musician.

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