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The Devaniya Crew

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Founder and Creative Director

Devaniya, the founder school of Dakshin Gharana of Kathak, is founded & headed by Jigyasa Giri in this bastion of Bharatanatyam. It stands as the first school of Kathak in Chennai and until very recently the ONLY school of Kathak in Chennai. Jigyasa has trained under the tutelage of Late Guru Natyashri Krishna Kumar Dharwar in the Banaras Gharana of Kathak. She has also trained under late Guru Dr. Maya Rao of the Lucknow Gharana.

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Research and Production Coordinator

Motivated and balanced - Avani has trained in Kathak for 8 years and has been a student, teacher and core team performer at Devaniya. She has completed her masters degree in International Political Economy from the Nanyang Technology University, Singapore.

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Senior dancer & Instructor, Admin & Music Co-ordinator Devaniya, Founder School, Dakshin Gharana of Kathak

Swetha is an Assistant professor in the department of food science at M.O.P. Vaishnav College in Chennai. She has been learning at Devaniya since 2009 and has been teaching since 2011. She is married to a percussionist and has a son. She also enjoys singing and mimicking people.

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Senior Dancer, Senior Instructor and Choreographer

Shankari has graduated in BA Bharatanatyam at the Music College Chennai, and has also received her Natuvangam certification in Bharatanatyam. A sudden shift of destiny landed her in Devaniya, and in the short span of 6 years, Shankari has done wonders in her learning of Kathak, crossing all barriers of language and style in this diametrically opposite to Bharatanatyam dance form of Kathak and today is one of the most loved and sought after teachers and performers at Devaniya. She also continues teaching bharatanatyam with the same flair and dedication.

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Senior Dancer, Student Coordinator and Instructor

Freelances as a voice artist, web channel host and actor. Enjoys travelling, reading and is a major foodie! Strongly believes in the concept of going with the flow.



Marketing, PR and Senior Student

Priya has been with Devaniya for 5 years. She is a senior student and performer and also handles Marketing and PR for Devaniya. She is an entrepreneur and runs a Sales Consulting firm.

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