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  • Jigyasa Giri

WOMAN. Who are you...?

Ohhhhh the wondrous roles I play…..

Each with a place on an ultimate stage

I - the purposeless ocean calm

Enjoy the purposeful storms of my waves.

As a wife – I have a purpose to fulfill

To be a companion through thick & thin.

As a mother – in my tender purpose I take pride

To nourish and prepare young bodies and minds

To step out in the world to take their strides

As a daughter with a purpose was I born

To carry these genes for another generation to come.

As a sister, with my siblings dearest

I share frolic in the sun, laughter in the rain

And affection in the lap of our mother’s warmth.

As a friend I come with a purpose of camaraderie

To give space for both tears & hilarity.

As a lover my singular purpose is

To love a ‘you’, now and forever

As long as the EVER IS!

Shunned by society, nevertheless

In playing a mistress too, a purpose I have

To be a solace perhaps to another’s distress

More often though, a victim or even vamp

In seemingly cruel twists of the mighty stage ramp

As a woman, with a responsible purpose was I created

To be the womb, the strength, the beauty of mankind.

In the human role my purpose is divine

To use my intellect yet surrender my will

To a power much higher than all we you’s and i’s can imagine

Every woman and man, every prop in the background

A form of the majestic formless expanse

Waves that happily rise and drop back

From and into The ONE Mother’s lap

THAT ONE is who in truth WE ARE

That ONE is who in truth I AM.

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1 Comment

Vinay Sethia
Vinay Sethia
Mar 09, 2021

So true and very well penned. Respect and admiration for all the women of the world🙏

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