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With gratitude to Ishwara and the universe for the loving space of art - Devaniya! Many thanks for

With great pleasure and humility, we share this happy news that our Guru Smt. Jigyasa Giri has been awarded the "Madhura Kalamani" title award by Karthik Fine Arts, in recognition of excellence in performance and teaching of Kathak, on the 2nd of January 2022.

This award is instituted in the name of G.V. Aparna Kamakshi by Smt. Krithika Subrahmanian in memory of Vidwan Madurai N.Krishnan.

As in ma'am's words, "the popular adage - no man is an island, is true! If not for Devaniyans, our teachers, my teachers, tabla sir, my parents and so many who have carved my path, what or who is Jigyasa .This award is a recognition of all that WE stand for".

We thank Karthik Fine Arts for the recognition of Kathak in Chennai, and accept the award with sincere gratitude.

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