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  • Jigyasa Giri


Look up to me not as a star

That will guide you with its haloed light,

For then I fear, I may drop sometime

And darken the image imprinted in your sight.

Hold me close to your heart instead

And sprinkle your love light on my soul

Together let us soar through galaxies of fate

And shatter the illusion of existential space.

Bow not to me in reverence

Of that which you may see in me

For then I fear, I may step on your faith

When treading paths unthinkable to your heart.

Hold my hand in yours instead

And walk beside me, no matter what

Together let us journey through lands unseen

And discover new strengths at each hurdle we cross.

Judge me not, for better or for worse

Love me for love’s sake, no more and no less.

For I am, as much as you are

A sapling of His boundless love

In the timeless maze of an unknown path.

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