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  • Jigyasa Giri

The light of being

Here man’s convenient comfort zone

Shreds the wings of flights unknown

And there perched on a cliff edge a bird lifts off

On its first ever flight from the nest that was home.

Here we fight, we bicker, we hang on

To all that is material but rather immaterial

And there in the wild million species of fauna grow

In the same shared lap of a generous Mother Earth

So thank you Lord for the exalted stature

Of being a part of your human creation

But journey me now into another realm

And transmit my light into a ‘lesser’ form.

A butterfly, a bird, a firefly perhaps

That will soar the skies if just for one breath

Before it drops to ecstatic death.

Or a flower that will bloom to its fullest extent

Spreading its fragrance for just a stint

Without care of losing its immortal scent.

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