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  • Jigyasa Giri

The feminine essence .... every role and beyond

I am your wife – I have a purpose to fulfill

To stand by you through thick & thin.

I am your mother – in my tender purpose I take pride

To nourish and prepare you in the world to take your stride

I am your daughter with a purpose was I born

To carry your genes for another generation to come.

Oh my brother, my sibling dearest

I was born to share in your sunset years memories of frolic in the sun,

laughter in the rain and the lap of our mother warm.

I am your friend with a purpose of camaraderie & banter

To give you space for tears & laughter.

I am your lover whose only purpose is

To love you now and through life after life.

Shunned by society, nevertheless

In being your mistress a pure purpose I have

To be your solace in stress and distress.

I am a woman with a purpose was I created

To be the power, the pride, the beauty of mankind.

I am human, and I believe in a purpose I have

To use my intellect yet surrender my will

To a power much higher than I can imagine.

Why then do I say that there is no purpose

In the magnificent universe in which I repose?

How did I turn blind to the light of faith

And stumble into the abyss of purposeless existence?

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