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  • Jigyasa Giri

That little window

Neither included nor excluded

I just AM

A draft of cool air that the ocean swirls out

Open your window and take me in

Or close it and shut me out....

But warn you I must

If you open your window a tad bit wide

I might just sweep in to ruffle

not just your hair

But the stillness of your fortress as well.

Yet, if you close your window shut

You may hear me knock outside

Each time the ocean of thoughts flings me out!

But would you ever feel my cool kiss on your cheek?

Or my tongue as I lick the sweat off your neck?

So keep your window just a wee bit ajar

Through which I can neither sweep in nor out

Through which I may just peep in and out

That window through which I am neither here nor there

That window through which I truly Am

Intangibly tangible

Untouchably touchable

Nowhere yet everywhere...

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