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  • Jigyasa Giri

Sweet love song...

Have you heard the ancient lore

Of the two koyal birds

Who could live not without each other

For they each breathed life into the other?

Their names were ku & su.

Together they soared

Across horizons pink & blue

Flapping their wings in unisonJoyous in their divine union.

And then, one fatal day

A tremendous storm blew their way

They fought the relentless gale

Until their wings, tired and frail,

Surrendered to destiny’s cruel game.

Many days & hungry nights later

Su found his way to their battered nest

Kuhu he called, where are you!

But silence was all that his empty heart got.

Eons later, until this day, on every stormy night and day

He calls out loud his twin soul’s name

With faith that someday he shall be heard.

So sweet is his love song, his shattered soul cry,

That it delights our unseeing hearts & eyes.

But that harbinger of relief as the monsoons quell our thirst

Shall remain unquenched

With the sweet name of his beloved bringing music to our ears....

Kuhu kuhu kuhu kuhu…

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