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  • Jigyasa Giri

Skies Beyond

Have you noticed the milestones of new born babies

Astounded with wonder at their feet and fingers?

In awe of the patterns that their curling can draw

Gurgling with joy at faces that smile down

Wanting to be cradled but unable to move?

A few months later they discover their legs.

Amazed & charged at what they can do

They stand up a zillion times, never giving up

Struggling to run when first they must learn to amble!

Have you been amused by their anger at every failure?

Or cheered their loud protest at every fall?

My love!

We are like babies too,

Adjusting & fumbling with new found senses

Teething aches our hearts have to endure

Twin souls too have a test to surmount

Before they receive the wings they deserve.

I promise to remember this each time we fall apart

For what I want with you my life after life

Is a harmonious flight into the skies beyond...

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