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  • Jigyasa Giri

Roulette wheel

I miss writing poems

But I seem to have exhausted all words

They cascade in a garbled cacophony

Only to disappear into a silence in eternity

There is SO much to say

Yet....what more can I say?

There is so much to ask

Yet...Whom shall I ask?

I stand at a crossroad

A naked flame tall and strong

Engulfed by I know not what

From where I seem to neither come nor go...

Is this that point where everything becomes pointless?

Or perhaps that click of time that stands still in timelessness....

The fire rages within a serene ocean

Me - neither this nor that

Sometimes at play with the fire

Sometimes at rest on the ocean bed.

Eyes like dark clouds unburden a flood

Ears like an open well hear voices they could do without

Fingers like tendrils reach out to grasp the ungraspable

Even as the mouth like a reed flute plays tunes  that go unheard

And the nostrils like a medium to lungs breathing their last

Inhale your presence in every breath

All these are mine....yet they are not

All these are me....yet I am not

The dice rolls on unaffected, unaware

The wheel of the roulette takes another turn

As the gamblers watch on

Some elated some forlorn ...

The night swallows all

Or is it the first streak of dawn?

Doesn't matter ... the cosmos inhales and exhales itself into a zillion time zones and  forms

Only the board stays on

As the wheel of the roulette turns on and on....

Did I say I miss writing poems?

That must have been the one who felt blocked.

The free one writes on nevertheless.... :-)

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