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  • Jigyasa Giri

Romance of the Absolute

Oh Mother, bless me so the thoughts that flow through this mind find the appropriate words in expression. May the romance between thought and word culminate in knowledge and understanding for this atma veiled in ignorance. May contemplation lift the veil of ignorance like a newly wed groom who lovingly lifts the veil from the face of his shy bride hiddden behind it.  Bless me that the romance between the glitter of ignorance and the brilliance of knowledge endows me with the satiation of rest eternal. I use the word romance as a choice of word - no more no less. For as i am coming to appreciate the subtlety and power of words, the need and needlessness for words, i pick up a thread from your glorious patterns criss-crossing the horizons, mull on it like one does before threading a needle ...then carefully with focussed attention i pass it through the eye of the needle, but only after many a slip and many an attempt. 

I now sew a thought into words after setting down my coloured glasses hoping that the remnants of colour do not cloud the pure light as much as theirs is a beautiful romance too...the rainbow splash in pure white light!

Thus, ROMANCE, as one can see, is not the word, but is Infact, the meaning of it (as is everything else including the word 'word'). It is the most beautiful part of creation. It IS the truth of THE TRUTH.

Purusha just IS....and  remains so eternally.....then why creation? Why forms? Why pairs of opposites? Why the weaving of stories, why the sustainance of it all through yugas of avataras, why Maya or Devi...why maya or delusion, why surrender and merging, why Ardhanareeshwara?

Why the Drama?

Only but to romance ITSELF!

Consciousness is a boundless nothingness... ever present, it is the every here and now.....the ocean for waves to rise and fall, the space for bubbles to form and burst.

Creation cannot exist outside of consciousness because there is nothing other than consciousness in, from, through and by which to exist. All of Creation is a manifestation of consciousness for it's very own sake, just so IT can see Itself through millions of mirrors and prizms and stories and thoughts.

It is a romance of Paramatma and jeevatma. Of form and formless. Of Self and self.  Each form, be it a stone or fish or bird, animal  human or even that of a God only mirrors the Absolute. In and through these, the absolute plays itself out, weaving countless stories in infinite dimensions.

The human form seems to be it's most potent manifestation after that of the realm of Divine Gods and demi Gods perhaps.

Why most potent? Because it has been endowed with free will and the supreme capacity to use the everflowing cascade of thoughts.

And how so? With an implantation of just one thought - the 'i' thought in the mind which becomes fully activated around 6 - 7 years after birth. As long as a human exists it plays out the Supreme Will as though playing out it's own separate will....this itself being nothing but a game of the Universal mind. Thus we are as much a reality as we are not.

Not just us but every particle and microbe and every star and galaxy of creation is thus so.

Through the channel of human thought and thinking (the capacity to use or not use thought - discrimination), the Absolute sets up language and learning thus creating the most powerful play, which is, the flow of expression in a myriad ways. It creates through us the singing bards and storytellers of its grand enactments as if to hear, speak, smell, see and touch Its very own self through us. What is this if not romance?

The ocean and river beds form the canvas of merging water bodies.

Birds and insects pollinate flowers and scatter their love dust all over the earth. 

The moon romances the ocean, the sun kisses earth. Darkness and light - every dawn and every dusk - a constant dance of copulation - a non existent horizon their illusive point of union as well as separation.

The tug of war between science and spirituality - a romance two sperms running a race; to reach and unite with the ultimate being their singular goal. Only their languages differ.

Every single pair of opposites, a romance  of THE ultimate. Every moment a play.

The stage AND the witness - consciousness, the SELF ;

The props - the grand elements, thoughts, emotions;

The actors playing their roles -  each iota of creation.

What to discard? Which to reject?  Where to throw away or edit any part of this grandeur? Is it even possible to do so? Every rejection, every hardship, every deceit, as romantic or comic or melancholic as their pair of opposite....everything only to perceive itself through every pore and wall of Itself.

Of all the navarasas and their offshoots which one to reject? Karuna? Bhaya? Bibitsa? Shingara? Khandita nayika? Raudra? Impossible. The roles must be played fully....with their required balance of emotions all in place. Only one thing can come in the way of this perfect arrangement - the i thought - and this too is part of the arrangement that the i thot entangles in its roles like a ball of wool in the claws of a cat - for the cacophonic romance between the knotting and the  unknotting to happen.

And somewhere in the midst of this with a gigantic heave .... or perhaps even obscurely, the music stops....the  romance culminates into Itself... silence....palpable...orgasmic.....the release at last as self melts into SELF. The curtain drops.

Shiva laughs in His thunderous baritone at yet another crumbling of a cauldron of ash. Narayana revels in the show well done with a mirthful soundless smile .... the Elements lay still, their job as though done ....and YOU, oh Mother, the majestic magician of the Act wield an ever-loving, expansive embrace.

Parampita Brahma writes on - creating the non-stop ticking of stories like innumerable twinkling stars suspended in the timeless backdrop

Ganesha the constant Omkaara continues to set the auspicious stage for endless acts .... the play of curtains dropping and rising carries on like dawns and dusks of the perpetual sun....

Lights off! Lights on! Lights off! Lights on!

Ishwara illumines all.

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