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  • Jigyasa Giri

Jhoomar...the chandelier

As I stood in a crowd,

Of a mix of people quiet and loud

A quiver of gloom pierced my soul

With the thought that I stand singularly alone.

Do I matter at all? I questioned.

What need for me to excel?

When I cannot be seen at all?

Ruminating thus, I raised my eyes.

In turn, the Lord in His typical style

Showed me the light through a chandelier in sight.

Distracted...perhaps even mesmerized a bit,

I endeavoured to count the number of bulbs

That made this chandelier such a sparkling delight.

But strove as I did, I could not separate

A single bulb from the luminous whole;

Until, in reward for my stubborn tenacity

A single bulb, all of a sudden

 Flickered with reduced electricity

And shattered the spell of united luminosity.

It was then, like a bolt of lightning bright,

That I realized my magnificent power to ignite,

To make or to break the glow of the whole

From the minuscule space of MY singular role.

I praised the Lord and made my choice;

To MAKE his unique creation shine, rather than BREAK His splendid design.

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