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  • Jigyasa Giri

Elemental Truth

Can Air unbreathe or breathe itself dry?

Or Water ever be quenched or unquenched?

Can Fire burn down or not burn at all?

Or Space be contained within the strongest of walls?

And can Earth Mother be full or even emptied of her all????

They who ARE each molecule of this apparent ME

How can they ‘be’ or ‘not be’ INSIDE of me?

Am I, this form, so separate from them

That I think of them as in or out of me?

This thing that is called a me or I

Is not A ME with titbits of them inside

Nor an entity that exists devoid of them, outside.

This manifested I is THEM combined in a finite form

They are the apparent ME, a mortal having been born

A vehicle of the infinite, immortal, Self in sojourn.

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