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  • Jigyasa Giri

Deception Absolute

The golden lotus shone bright in the dark night. She squinted in surprise as through the haze It appeared massive and blinding bright. So massive, the universe looked small So bright, the sun seemed dull. And she, the very gold dust of that cosmic blossom Not knowing her priceless worth Reached out to touch it outside of herself. And as she did, the rippling, shimmering pond over which it loomed Drew her like a magnet ever so strong. In she dived flowing with the tide Not in search, yet as though having found The root of that magnificence in the saffron pond reflecting its light. It swallowed her, she harmoniously dissolved Then it ejected her, and in shock she spluttered Swallowing mouthfuls of the water of that pond. Confused and shaken by the jolt so hard In the deep she swam now purposefully looking for the root, as again and again the pond played it’s part

At times still, then magical, now clear, then dark.... In swirls she swam until tired to the bone She stopped kicking her feet and working her arms, infact, barely able to breathe at all Floating around that illusive root in the murky waters of that treacherous pond. And there lying still, her eyes opened, she took a deep breath, no water went in. Her fingers seemed wrapped around something As she turned to take a look There it was, in and through her fingers and her hair, in her heart and through her mouth, in her nostrils and her lungs The root that withstood the devious pond Breathing her into itself. Rising into the golden blossom her eyes peered out for a final glance Of the pond in which she found her source Her mortal presence no longer mattered As she merged....dust of gold into that golden cosmic blossom eternal.....

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