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  • Jigyasa Giri

The Cosmos Whispers

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

The cosmos whispers secrets

Of space eternal

Of existence Absolute, in a time bound world

Seemingly shattering that which is not.

Waves rise, fall, heave and break

Crashing against shores and boulders great

Into the vastness of an ocean dark

Seemingly asleep, yet forever awake.

A lamp flickers, the flame dies out

In the wake of a violent, merciless storm 

An element eternal seemingly quelled

Burns on unmindful of being snuffed out.

Trampled upon for ages and eons

Her womb dug out, her bosom squashed

Seemingly worn and torn to the core

The earth yet revels in her every thorn.

Winds bellow over oceans, fires and lands

Unbridled though seemingly trapped to a tune

In the empty holes of a strip of wood

And the music plays on as the Lord wields His flute…

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