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  • Jigyasa Giri


With every realisation that heartily demolishes the foundation of deep rooted conditioning

Zillion moments within me arise...throbbing,  pregnant globules of awareness

blissfully awakened from a deathly slumber.

Thus kindled and crackling like a magical candle

I burn brighter and brighter even as I melt away.

I grapple for words of gratitude through the thoughts that lie restful

And then as though freed of fetters

the grappling stops all of a sudden

And I remain rooted even as I float

In the weightless wonderment that I know now as mySelf.....

Is there a line between surrender and dissolution?

Or a boundary between gratitude and love sublime?

If there so is, it is inconceivable to me

Who stands as the boundless horizon

Each arm as though cradling

the sun in its rising and setting

Who like the forehead of a bride

Adorned with a streak of vermillion

Ever stands bathed in the orange sun beams of dusks and dawns

Whose consort is her very Self

Split as though in two for a myriad stories to unravel

Or to lay hidden in oyster shells on the bottomless ocean bed

As that and this

As here and there

As now and then

As is and was

As I and you....

As form and formless....

Manifest for a moment


Unmanifest and Timeless...

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1 Comment

Nov 14, 2020

Wonderful transport to another Realm,that is All Inclusive- me, you and everyone else around in body and mind. What a glide! May Devaniya grow frm strength to strength taking art to all available

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