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  • Jigyasa Giri

A pot of curry...

My pot brims with the delicious aroma

Of a curry I prepare for the feast of life.

With all the spices measured to perfection

A sumptuous meal it promises to make.

With care & precision have I prepared this dish

Patiently, lovingly and with diligence aplenty.

But when I taste the final product,


Something is missing, an ingredient lacking.

Unable to distinguish what is amiss

I go ahead and present the dish.

My family & friends are full of praise

Slurping their fingers & smacking their lips

Thanking me and envious too

For such a splendid accomplishment.

With a curious smile I accept the praise

And thank the Lord for everything.

But when thirsty & hungry, all by myself

I dig deep into my pot of curry

To taste it again & again to see

What is lacking that none other can see.

And that is when it dawns on me

That the curry is right & wholesome too

It is my heart that is at fault.

You've fed your stomach enough it says

Now feed your soul for heaven's sake!

So alone on my own

I bake a bread

That I have known from lifetimes bygone

I take just a bite and it fills my core

My simple bread, nourishment of my soul.

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